Invading the delusions

Conquering the manifestations

Interrogating the believe system

Strong I stand, before the day end!

Procrastination lead to only illusions

Dependence begets never ending frustrations

Sweet sensual senses brought vexations

I passaged through them all

Careless gestures, igniting words

Those thick lies covered with dense reasoning

Awakened my…



Photo credit: myself

A picture of you stayed with me always

Your blushing cheeks and glitzy eyes

Blend of innocence and careful shys

Your not so killer looks

Exactly knew all the hooks

Its so pure its so true

Love touches you and break u through

Years passed and that’s how we grew



Occupied souls and wandering bodies

Living in today for mislaying stories

Precious love is behind me

Capturing moments to set me free

Here I stand with you tonight

Watching your gestures this whole time

Pleasing myself and you for sure

Going towards something undefined

Belonging to our own circles of…