He loved me with all his convenience

Adila Qamar
2 min readFeb 14, 2022


Photo credit: myself


I kept questioning my questions

I kept thinking my thoughts

I kept sulking my aspirations

I kept dwelling in dark

He kept me as an option instead of a choice

He kept dating others having me at the same time

He kept lying straight into my eyes

He kept going away & coming back all the time

I kept believing my believes

I kept smiling my tears

I kept distancing my distances

I kept losing my gains

He kept his preferences and faking me

He kept his routine but distracted mine

He kept himself always first in the limelight

He kept betraying me with a sweet smile


I kept unseeing what I was seeing

I kept on being blind

I kept the relation to not let go of him

I kept quiet my screams

He kept losing me after I all realized

He kept thinking me as a fool and I smiled

He kept altering the truths and believed in his lies

He kept behaving like a pro in a sci-fi

I kept growing from within & restored strength

I kept loving me for what I went through

I kept learning & motivating myself

I kept my realism alive

Thanks for reading, this is a whole journey of reclaiming myself from someone I don’t Belong.



Adila Qamar

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