How to reclaim your heart from a Narcissist!!

Adila Qamar
2 min readFeb 13, 2022
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Love is the most beautiful feeling when you are in love with a person who values your love the same way and treats you like a queen. Every sight you see blossoms and everything shines but it reverses if you are in love with a narcissist and the sad part is that you get to know about it after a while in the relation.

To Unlove someone whom you have madly loved is the most difficult thing to do, so many questions remain unanswered, so many feelings remain unaddressed and the list go on. Well if you realize in a relationship that whatever you do for your lover remains unnoticed and you are taken for granted it’s an Alert to stop and check. Engage in some casual conversation with the person and try to understand if they acknowledge your mindset that you feel ignored or not taken care of. If they have a list of excuses that doesn’t make sense to you consider it a red flag. Always remember nobody is too busy to reciprocate what you are doing for them, nobody is that busy to at-least keep you in their connection loop. If that’s happening with you, take some time for yourself and try to analyze the situation.

Here I would like to add two things. First if they don’t want to see you make yourself not seen by them. Second you are precious for yourself don’t trade yourself for less than what you deserve.

Basically at times we also do mistakes in relationships by settling on less and do not establish how should we be treated. You know electronics come with a manual, it tells you how to use. When establishing a relation we should also have a manual of how you should be treated. If not operated the way it supposed to be, Stop functioning in that relation, you understand your heart is also a machine if the input is toxic and bad how can it have a desirable output. By writing this it puts a smile on my face. Just a reminder to Self.

Never settle for less, prioritize yourself, if mistreated take steps back from that relation, analyze, think and then devise a plan to reclaim your heart from a narcissist. Seek help of friends, talk with people who cares about you, it’s not the end of the world if that person is not the one, there would be someone better wandering just like you.

Positivity leads to positive thinking

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