Tomorrow is Another Day

No worries if you had a bad day at work or just not happy emotionally, May be you are feeling low or unloved or going through internal loneliness, whatever the situation is you spend the day and there is tomorrow to come. A whole new unfelt day is waiting for you to explore what you can do in that. Engage your mind in something that avoid triggers for emotional unpleasantness. It’s easy saying off-course but to do it is a bit challenging if you are a chronic thinker who always look at the negative side of the things. There is always a ray of hope in every situation, at times we get blind and keep looking at the dark.

I am a believer in the power of tomorrow, every day is unique only one chance to live it, you are privileged if you are living as there are people who would breath their last tomorrow.

Set yourself free from the shackles of past pain and awaken a smiling demon that can ruin what is ruining yourself.

Thanks for reading, reader’s thoughts are welcome!!!



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Adila Qamar

Writing about life relations Self-healing & love has been my greatest passion.