We play different roles in life starting from birth.

In life we play different roles starting form our birth, from a child to parent. We begin with following rules and learning to interact with the world as a child. Then moving from toddler to pre teens where questioning what’s around us is something everyone does. Understanding relations and behaviours, learning sharing with siblings and friends. As soon as the pre-teen is converted to teens you start developing our own perception of the world. Thanks to hormonal changes that excites us like nothing else being driven by them and not knowing completely what to do, how to respond, we enter the twenties where we start to understand things more deeply. As we cross the first silver jubilee of life at 25, things in life become more clearer. Every teenager quickly wants to reach age 18 where a whole aura of new liberties and freedom is bestowed upon them. But as we land in twenties there is no looking back and there is not a specific age we want to attain.

Now comes the phase where you become parent yourself and have the chance to set rules for other humans to make them disciplined. The transition is here from being controlled and taking directives to make your own control and order systems. Well to tell you honestly this phase is great as I am also in this phase of my life being a parent myself. Being mentored by someone to becoming a mentor or ideal for someone is a superb feeling.

Now comes the thirties, by this time frame in our lives we are more focused, already knows what we want, how to achieve it and balancing work and personal life comes into play. The ideal time in my life is my thirties where I feel more independent, out of many fears, less social pressure and more control of everything in general. I am more focused on my mental health, try to keep myself happy whatsoever at the same time enjoying pre-teen age of my kids. Spending time with them and seeing them growing up and having few habits of mine is like I am living my childhood again. Live life to the fullest and worry less that’s something I learned the hard way, but still better late than never.

Whichever age group you belong to make the most of it, be patient with others and be a source of inspiration for your fellows. Have some goals in your life and focus on your well being because at the end of the day your success is a measure of how happy you feel.

Thanks for reading my thoughts. There is so much to write about every age but briefly touched it. Hope you like reading my perspective.



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Adila Qamar

Writing about life relations Self-healing & love has been my greatest passion.